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Terms and Conditions

In order to enjoy to the fullest and to avoid unexpected results, we strongly advice you to read carefully through our T&C policy.

1- Only guests over 18 years old will be allowed in the bar, if you are lucky enough to look younger we reserve the right to ask you for a valid ID to prove you are in legal drinking age.

2- BYOB bookings are rigorously for 2 hours, after the time expire we will have to attend the next reservation, in case of late arrival the finishing time will not change, so we strongly advice you to be on time in order to avoid disappointments.

3- Rumours reserve the right to change date/time of bookings providing a 24 hours minimum notice.

4- In the situation of the venue being forced to close on a specific day for reasons out of our control a full refund will be offered if upfront payments were made.

5-  When you book online you will receive a confirmation code via email. You might be required to present this code or a proof of reservation on the day of the experience.

6- Rumours accepts no liability over any loss or damaged item in the premises, however we will collaborate in any reasonable way to encounter loss items and report inappropriate or dangerous behavior.

7- We will not tolerate any sort of abusive language or behavior against our staff or other guests, in this circumstances the abuser will be warned and then required to leave the establishment and no refund will be issued.

8- No food outside of that provided by Rumours will be allowed inside the premises.

9- Only sealed new bottles of commercial products can be used for the BYOB experience, no homemade spirits/liquors or opened bottles

10- We reserve the right to stop serve alcohol to intoxicated guests based on our judgment, no refund shall be offered 

11- Any sort of drug and illegal item is strictly forbidden and any person caught in possession of it will be reported to the police and required to leave, no refund will be offered

12- Dressing code is smart casual, please follow common sense and avoid extreme fancy dressing

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